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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says No More Kids

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was interview by Barbara Walters on her XM Radio Show today and she said quite a few things that I found extremely disturbing.  Here’s a transcript:

Q: Do you plan on having any more children?
A: “No, I don’t,” she said “If something happened and I was pregnant again … I don’t know how that would happen, because I’m clearly avoiding my husband.

Q: Have you ever heard of birth control?
A: “Yeah, I have. It takes a while to kick in once you start one. But in the meantime, I just find him incredibly attractive. So, it’s not like I’m that disciplined, so right now, my strategy is dressing in a way that will not get me pregnant.

She is effectively saying that in order to keep her husband at bay, she has to dress matronly.  By correlating the level of arousal in a man to the way a woman is dressed, it is saying “If I dress matronly, a man will not be attracted to me, sexually.  If I dress provacatively, a man will be so attracted to me, he will be unable to control his desire and will rape me.”

By putting the onus on the woman to dress a certain way, she is absolving a man of responsibility for his action and responses.


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What about the children?

Yesterday, I was thinking about Jon and Kate Gosselin. America has essentially turned on the two, condemning the parents for exploiting their children and their welfare for profit.  It’s extremely interesting to me how everyone jumped on them for the filming of their children for television and the millions they’ve made off the sextuplets and the twins.

Why is it different for Heather Armstrong of What makes it OK for her to post photographs, videos and stories about her children while running ads and making a profit?  Yes, filming with a large crew, strong lights, etc. is vastly different from sharing photos and videos (that would have been taken anyway) and sharing them on the internet.

It’s a snippet of a family, same as Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and both are intruding, to varying degrees, on the privacy of these children.  I can honestly say that I would not be surprised if Heather & Co. were given their own show.  She’s already made the rounds on Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.  Would a shift from internet to television finally cause people to turn?  What is the distinction between putting your children out there on the web versus a television show? What point does it become too much?

I also wonder what is going to happen when these kids are old enough to start googling their own name.  Not only are they going to find out exactly what their parents said/did, they’re going to see the massive quantities of hateful comments about them.  How people can insult children for any reason is beyond me, but for these kids, they’re going to see exactly how hateful the world can be – first hand.  I suppose, at the very least, these kids have automatic future earning potential – if their lives are signficantly more difficult because of the choices made by their parents, they’ll always have the option of spinning out a tell all book deal for a few million.

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